Sometimes a change of scenery is a good thing.  Going out to the water is always a good feel and really calms the day.  I am not sure if going on the 4th of July is the day of relaxing that I was looking for but it was a good time none the less.  But a change of scenery in comparison of going into the city to shoot architecture really refreshes the mind and gives you a good focus for the next big city trip.  Sometimes you just need a change of scenery to refresh the batteries. The pier shot came out the way I wanted with the overcast skies of the morning and again with the crowds of the 4th that I didn’t expect.  The darkness of the pier contrasts nicely with milky white of the water.  I am also pleased the the outer edges of the sky being dark to bring the eye to the middle of the shot.


4th of July being a day off I decided to wake up early and head out to the San Clemente pier for the first time. Didn’t realize that it would be so crowded so early. 6am and there are hundreds of people camping out for the 4th. Putting there tents and pop-ups up to mark there spots so they have a good view for the day and the fireworks that night. I was thinking “this is going to be a long day for some”. Tilt ups, pop-ups, tents…6am all waiting for the thunder.
On a separate note, San Clemente Pier is a very cool, old wood pier. Will have to visit it again on a different day.

Tech Detail:
Canon 5D mkii
Canon 24-105L @ 24mm
ISO 100
Exposure 161 seconds
@ F/11
BW ND 110 filter, Tripod, remote shutter release




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