Sometimes the morning doesn’t turn out the way you expect.  Which in this case was not a bad thing.

Up and out at 5am and down by the shore at 5:30, the sky was just starting to turn a nice blue and it looked to be a beautiful morning.  I wasn’t quite sure of the waves,they were small and erratic.  After setting up and shooting for about 45 minutes the fog  started to roll in and everything pretty much went to crap from there.  I sat down in the chair I always bring and just enjoyed the view and hoping that maybe it would clear for a few more minutes of shooting.

It did clear a little bit but the waves were still not that great, just as I thought to start packing up out of the corner of my eye I spied a burst of water.  I had to look twice and I said to myself “is that a whale!?” Then I said “That is a whale!” Happy to have my Sigma 150-600mm lens attached to the camera.  I did a 180 degree turn and set up pointing right at him/her.  I managed to get a few shots off before the fog rolled back in and he/she disappeared into the mist.  Of course just seeing this was awesome but as the typical photographer does, you always wish for more.  “Show me your tail, jump out of the water, give me more” and like talking to a model I am thinking show me more, work it, work it.

After years of shooting down at the beach, and many more living by the beach this was my 1st whale sighting.  The morning shoot may have not produced the shot I was looking for but it was well worth the trip and one I will never forget.

Still thinking this was incredibly cool!!



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