As a follower of 500px, 1X, Pentaprism and flickr common architecture are all to familiar within the posts of these pages.  How many times can we see the same buildings that all to frequently adorn these websites. We have seen them done in all different ways (Black and white, Color, Long Exposure, Sunset, Sunrise, HDR, in rain, up close, far away) you name it, it’s been done.  I am not saying they are bad images and if I was to ever make it to Paris I would also photograph the Eiffel Tower as well as other well photographed structures, but my question is “Where are the uncommon structures?” The ones that don’t stand out, the ones that nobody photographs because maybe they are not seen as artistic or iconic structures.  The ones that stretch your imagination, Where is the “out of the box thinking?”
I have been photographing the Los Angeles area now for a few years and I have realized I can only photograph The Financial district and Staples Center, Citibank Building, Los Angeles City Hall as well as The Bonaventure hotel so many times, it is now time to move out to other less known areas, drive the streets and find other buildings that can have an artistic impact.  
The above photo of the Pacific Mercantile Bank is one such building.  I found this while driving to Rodeo Drive “another well known area”, yet this building that is just a mile away caught my attention.  Another building is the one below, I don’t even know the address of this building I just found it while driving around.
This part of the building caught my eye while driving down Wilshire Blvd.  Neither of these buildings above are iconic nor will they be seen on a post card or in a movie.  But there fine art features and original artistic makeup caught my eye instantly and I knew they would make great additions to my portfolio.
The great thing about these buildings, they are right out on the street, no security guards jumping me as soon as I step foot on or near the property so I could take my time and find the best angles and they have original features unlike any other building around it.
I know it is a simple vision, these buildings are not skyscrapers reaching 1000’s of feet into the air.  They are not recognized or as familiar as The Getty, Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Chrysler building, The Flatiron Building or The Empire State building.  But these uncommon buildings have an artistic vision that when captured and put into a fine art form brings the architects vision to life.  
I am  not stating that we all need to stop photographing the most common buildings that have been seen on the internet millions of times, but lets try to think out of the box.  Find the uncommon, find the building that everyone passes by that has potential to be more than just a building and create an original piece that no one has photographed.  Create the vision, create your own original vision.
I won’t stop photographing iconic buildings, but I will work on creating my own original fine art pieces of Architecture instead of being “oh look, there is the …building again, isn’t that nice?”


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