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Back story to how the shot was taken:
I was walking Los Angeles early in the morning and came upon this building (Macy’s on 8th and Hope St) I was actually on the back side of the building and the light radiating from the early morning sun was to nice to pass up but I didn’t like the view from the street so I looked for a higher vantage point. Coming along a parking garage across the street  I made my way up to the top floor so I could get a photo that was more of a straight on comp.  I wanted to capture the building on an even plain from front to back and the light radiating from it.  That was the thought process behind capturing the building in camera.  The processing which led to the flood plug in came during post processing.
Once again I will speak for myself but I am sure we have all been there when it comes to images and how far we will go to change the shot from the original and/or the original intention, anyway…
Original/Final image below for reference:
I would like to say that the Flood plug-in was always my intention, but it really didn’t start out that way.
While taking the shot and confirmed after in post processing the main emphasis of my photo was going to be The Macy’s building.  So that meant during the cropping process I needed to get rid of the distractions on the  outer edges that took away form my main subject “The Macy’s building”  but once I did this the building looked like it was floating in mid-air and buildings floating in mid-air just doesn’t look good.   After taking some time to really study the shot I felt I had only 2 decisions to make, ditch it into the trash and move on or come up with an idea that will compliment the building and the black and white processing. Once again after much time of analyzing the photo image came into focus with The Flaming Pear Flood Plug-in.  
I can say this about the flood plug in.  I have had the plug in for a while and I use it sparingly but I do use it.  It is a real nice go to when you are looking to be creative and it fits to what your image can handle (Key words “can handle”).  This is not the end all, fix all but it does give you another weapon to use in your post processing and when you are looking to be creative.  While writing this blog I decided to see how much Flaming Pear Flood Plug-in is ($29.00 by itself at the time this was written).  You can decide if that is a fair amount or not.  For me…it works.  It has some nice features and sliders to create some different looks and helps to give me the look I want when needed.  The processing is fast and doesn’t slow down my processing or system at all.  There is a free trial period which I did use before buying and as you can tell I liked it enough to spend the $29.00.  
Just to let you know, I have no affiliation with Flaming Pear this is just my thoughts on what I use in my post processing.  Judge for yourself with my photo or go to Flaming Pear Flood and try it for yourself and be the judge.  Free Trial Period…really can’t go wrong.
The shot:
F/11, 1/100 of a second, ISO 100, 24-105L @24mm, -2 EV, Hand held
Below is the original and the final image so you can see where it came from to what it went to:


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