This weekend brought so many good waves and so much great light it got me to thinking.
In the past I have gone out and photographed on sunny and overcast days because I just wanted to shoot. Recently I have realized on the overcast days the light, colors and contrasts are so flat that I wouldn’t post the photo let alone print it.
So most recently I have stopped that practice which means my shooting days have been greatly decreased but my results are much better on the mornings I do go and photograph, not to mention there is less wear and tear on my equipment. Now this doesn’t mean I don’t get up just about everyday and check the morning sky. Just means on those overcast mornings I go back to bed. I know what you may be thinking, “why not just check the weather the night before?”  I do, the weather is rarely correct…go figure.  So when a clear morning arrives I am very excited to grab my equipment and go.
A perfect example of what good pre-sunrise light can bring to a photo is in the featured image in this post.  Contrast, light, lines and the ever changing color from one section of the art work to the other creates a spectacular image that meets the standards I have set for posting and printing.
I miss shooting some days when the overcast lasts for weeks.  I don’t miss the frustration of coming home and trying to process flat, colorless photo’s that you are trying to make work through any photoshop technique possible.
Processing with correct light and contrasts makes the post processing faster and more enjoyable.
In closing I would recommend to everyone, reanalyze your photography times and techniques and figure out what is working for you and what isn’t and then correct as necessary for better results.
Have a blessed day!


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