After a long winter of little to no waves, crappy weather and some personal health and family issues.  I have finally climbed back into the drivers seat of my photography.  Everyone goes through seasons in there life.  Some are really good like the warmth of summer and some are really bad like the cold of winter.  Most fall into a moderate season not to cold or hot like spring.

I have found myself hopefully climbing out of a winter season for the past 6 months.  I finally had a chance to go out and shoot this past weekend April 28th, the time before that was the end of October 2017.  Such a long time to go without the thing that you love to do, the thing that controls the chaos, the solitude of your happy place.  I seem to find my peace at the oceans shore.  Whether in the water, out of the water or now high above the water.  There is something about the morning sunrise that gives me a certain calm.  

The hard part is to once again start waking up in the dark hours of the morning.  But once out of bed, the blood flows and within 10 minutes the car is loaded and I am headed to my pre-designated spot that I searched out to shoot days before and confirmed the night before.  I have already planned out to either be in the water with AquaTech Water Housing and wetsuit or shoot from the beach with the long range lens (Sigma 150-600mm) and tripod.  Now I have added a DJI Mavic Pro drone to the mix it makes the shooting and composition that much more interesting and intriguing.

I think for me it gives you perspective to go through a winter season.  The lessons you learn?

  • Take one day at a time
  • Enjoy the things you love to do
  • Enjoy the time spent with family and friends
  • And Most of all…don’t try to control every situation because you are not in control, not even close!




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